At we work to offer you the best options and make it easier for you to choose your nearest vet. Here we leave you a list with the 5 best veterinarians in the country this 2022. They are the top 5 rated veterinary places in the United States on Google. All these vet have more than 1,000 reviews, some of them reach 2,000, for. We maintain the best facilities, veterinary technologies and the most dedicated staff to care for all of your pet's health needs. CHANDLER. MESA. PHOENIX. Make an Appointment. (480) 940-9494. Veterinarian Duties & Responsibilities. Veterinarians provide medical care for animals. The primary responsibilities of a veterinarian include: 2 . Advising clients on care of their pets. Administering immunizations. Conducting physical examinations. Providing emergency care. Performing surgery and dental procedures. This holistic service is growing in popularity amongst veterinary practices to successfully help pets find relief from a variety of ailments including arthritis, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, reproductive issues and more. Find, search and read reviews to choose an animal acupuncture specialist near you!.

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