International Consultation on English Texts. The International Consultation on English Texts (ICET), a first inter-church ecumenical group that undertook the writing of texts for use by English-speaking Christians in common, published Prayers We Have in Common (Fortress Press, 1970,1971,1975). Its version of the Apostles' Creed was adopted by several churches. Define Apostles' Creed. Apostles' Creed synonyms, Apostles' Creed pronunciation, Apostles' Creed translation, English dictionary definition of Apostles' Creed. n. A Christian creed. The Apostles' Creed ( Latin: Symbolum Apostolorum ), sometimes titled Symbol of the Apostles, is an early statement of Christian belief, a creed or "symbol." It is commonly used by many Christian denominations, during religious ceremonies and as a summary of Christian beliefs. The Apostles' Creed in Multiple Languages The Good News The Message The Good News - Introduction So Great a Salvation Isaiah's Gospel How Many Times Have You Been Born? The Woman at the Well Three Words of Assurance One Mediator, The Man Christ Jesus The Basics The Basics - Introduction Lesson 1 - The Word of God Lesson 2 - The Son of God.

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