This airbox fits the BMW S54. 3.2l M3. To install the airbox, we need to receive the OEM airbox so we can adapt the air horns. Prices are excl. VAT.Delivery time: 3 weeks after order.. "/>

VAC E46 M3 S54 Carbon Fiber Race Intake Airbox like CSL DTM Delage Sport CA Automotive evolve. Home; About Us; Products. Featured Brands; Services; Tech Articles; Project Cars; Gallery. VAC Manufacturing Gallery; ... VAC-CFA-S54-RACE 215.462.4666 [email protected] Designed to replace the standard E46 M3 (S54 engine) air intake system. Based on the original CSL airbox (Plenum chamber) this product is highly popular. The majority of customers purchase this airbox literally for the intake noise alone, it is truly fantastic. On top of the noise, throttle response, engine power and overall driveability of the car is vastly improved. This is a three piece ....

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