All pptx/xlsx/docx files are part of the Office Open XML format family (for further reading please refer to OOXML Format Family -- ISO/IEC 29500 and ECMA 376 ).. For example, a standard .pptx file will have the following file tree structure:. myFile.pptx . ├── docProps │ ├── app.xml │ ├── core.xml │ ├── custom.xml │ └── thumbnail.jpeg ├── ppt. March 25, 2019 / 12:09 PM / CBS News. The little drips of personal data leaked from every major data breach—your name, email, phone number, Social Security number, and mailing address—pool in. A password checker is a web tool that helps you evaluate your password strength. It analyses the syntax of your password and informs you about its weaknesses. Also, it checks the database of breached passwords and flags if your passwords have been compromised in any brute-force or dictionary attacks. ↓ 08 - Personal Data Leak Checker. Leaked passwords from data breaches can pose a serious threat if users reuse or slightly modify the passwords for other services. With more and more online services getting breached today, there is still a lack of large-scale quantitative understanding of the risks of password reuse and modification. In this paper, we perform the first large.

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