Kohler. Kohler. $546 AT AMAZON $485 AT WAYFAIR. Brand reliability. Water-efficient. Good ergonomics. A bit pricey. Two-piece design means more crevices to clean. Through years of toilet tests. KOHLER, Wis—Kohler Co., a global leader in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bath products, raises the bar on toilet flushing platforms with the launch of its new Revolution 360 swirl flush technology.The brands extensive experience in the toilet industry supports its understanding that critical drivers of owner satisfaction are toilet cleanliness and flush. When your toilet whistles, the cause behind it is the toilet fill valve. This valve floats and rises or falls as the water level does after every flush. When the float is low, the tank refills with the open valve. Once the water has reached the desired level, the valve will close, so. Clean the fill valve or replace the fill valve. (Fig. 1). Depending on the age of the toilet mechanism, you may have an easy fix. If it is a partially clogged valve (as suggested in the comment by ratchet freak) and if it is one of the newer type units, the upper part of the valve can be easily accessed.. Many toilet filler valves look something like this one. The top cap comes off these valves, usually by pressing down slightly with your palm and.

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