java. In this post, we will see java program to find all substrings of a String. For example: If input is “abb” then output should be “a”, “b”,”b”, “ab”, “bb. "/>

For example, on the top level of recursion you could find all substrings with word.length() letters then word.length() - 1 letters and so on. This would probably require two recursive methods though, one to loop through the word. All the possible subsets for a string will be n* (n + 1)/2. Define a string array with the length of n (n+1)/2. This string array will hold all the subsets of the string . The first loop will keep the first character of the subset. The second loop will build the subset by adding one character in each iteration till the end of the string is reached. Go to the editor Test Data : Input the string: This is a Test String Input the substring to search : Test Expected Output: The substring exists in the string. Use recursion to implement a function def indexOf(text,string) that returns the starting position of the first substring of *text* that matches *string*. Return -1 if *string* is not a ....

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