Scott Richardson Financial Advisor and College Unit Director at Northwestern Mutual Northgate Greater Colorado Springs Area 173 connections. Answer (1 of 3): I worked for both. After the crisis in 2008 both of these institutions were converted to brokers, they are officially not banks. They both employ very high calibre work force although Morgan has the edge there. It’s though to work in these places, there’s a lot of competition but. Hi Reddit I’m in the medical field and have tons of student debt. Recently my friend suggested nw mutual and I’ve been talking with a financial advisor. One of his recommendation is to let my loans get forgiven after 25 years and make minimal payments and invest now to let my money have time in the market and compound. 6. You DO Need To Be Good At "Selling". I’m always a little nervous about mentioning sales and financial advising in the same sentence because people tend to take it the wrong way. They think I mean that you need to learn countless closes and persuasive little lines that you can drop in a.

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