Wholesale Liquid Bags Bladder Ibc Container Flexitank Reusable Collapsible 1500 Liter to sell - provide Cheap IBC Liner Bag from bulklinerbag. Complaint Letter. I [purchased / rented / repaired] a [product type and name] on [date] in your [store / branch name]. I am dissatisfied with your product and wish to file an official complain regarding this matter. [Describe in detail the problem with the product] I ask for immediate actions to resolve this problem. Food delivery complaints the past month / Image Credit: Vulcan Post. The Phase 2 Heightened Alert that has just ended has once again exposed the infrastructure problems of the food delivery industry. Last year during circuit breaker, food demand spikes and orders were also not delivered on time. The firms and experts had then attributed those. Consumer complaints. Advice on handling issues including a complaint checklist, sample letters and how to lodge a formal complaint. COVID-19 coronavirus FAQ. Information on your rights regarding housing and accommodation, goods and services, events and travel. About Consumer Protection. What Consumer Protection does, contacts and events.

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